Blaine Tech Services, Inc.

Blaine Tech performs environmental sampling and related field services. We specialize in groundwater monitoring.

Serving consultants and their clients since 1985, Blaine Tech is well established as a valuable and reliable resource in the environmental industry. From the first large-scale, solvent-related site investigations to today, we have remained focused exclusively on environmental sampling.

Experience gained on thousands of sites over the past three decades enables us to be extremely proficient in executing large-scale monitoring programs and work plans. Our technicians have received accolades and awards for safety and performance from the industry’s most demanding consulting firms for work performed on some of the most technically complex and physically challenging sites.

Our narrow focus allows us to make significant gains in efficiency anywhere we can bring to bear all or some combination of our experienced field technicians, purpose built vehicles and specialized equipment. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the savings can be substantial.

Offices in Seattle, San Jose, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix support projects throughout the West Coast and beyond.

We are a Certified Woman Owned Small Business.

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